[1846] autoroute not taking E/W bonus into account - 18xx

It seems that autorouting didn't take the E/W bonus into account for at least this specific example, and perhaps generally

Repro: https://gist.github.com/benjaminxscott/940131b7fe3ef7fdacb2ef49981445ef

In this example, it gets 36/share when it s.b. 41

(I'm not entirely sure how autorouting is implemented, so this may be a case-specific issue of the algo saying "we calculated the 2 train first, found a route and short-circuited")

Asked Sep 28 '21 15:09
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1 Answer:

To note from slack if someone else runs into this case: - In the above example, since the 2-train runs are already populated, the autorouter will attempt to maintain the prior 2-train runs, so hitting auto will route around those "locked" runs, emitting 36 - Hitting clear all then auto will re-calculate all routes, emitting 41

Answered Jun 20 '21 at 19:59
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