List of issues in Anarios/return-youtube-dislike projects

return-youtube-dislike (Bug): Cannot read properties of null (reading 'offsetParent')

return-youtube-dislike (Feature Request): automatic dislike comment to add to video

return-youtube-dislike (Bug): sending vote request for non-youtube videos

return-youtube-dislike (Bug): Dislike count is NAN

return-youtube-dislike wild Suggestion (Suggestion)

return-youtube-dislike (Feature Request): Option to not run on unlisted or private videos

return-youtube-dislike (Feature Request): Create your own database for dislikes now that the API is gone

return-youtube-dislike (Feature Request): Add label to inform user the origin of dislikes i.e. from creator/db/api etc.

return-youtube-dislike (Feature Request): Version Number

return-youtube-dislike (Feature Request): Documentation for integrations

[Solved] return-youtube-dislike (Feature Request):Add user's input to the counter

return-youtube-dislike (Bug): See Bug 424 - Extension not working anymore?

return-youtube-dislike (Bug): NaN instead of dislikes count

return-youtube-dislike (Feature Request): Option for content creators to submit their private dislike counter to the database

return-youtube-dislike discussion: Algorithm

return-youtube-dislike checks for youtube locale and uses navigator.language as fallback

return-youtube-dislike (Bug): Dislikes of Private Videos are "NAN"

return-youtube-dislike added a UI for a user to see if the api is online or offline

return-youtube-dislike (Bug): averageRating is missing

return-youtube-dislike (Bug): Seems like this isn't working anymore. Not sure if youtube removed the API or if the extension just broke.