Bug Report - Other: Won't launch stardew valley - Vortex

Vortex Version: 1.4.9 Memory: 15.82 GB System: win32 x64 (10.0.19042) Vortex won't launch stardew valley within it. If I do it through steam my mods don't appear.

Reported by: CookieMonsterWasHere

Asked Sep 28 '21 17:09
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1 Answer:

Hi there - Vortex uses a community developed tool called SMAPI to launch and mod the game; if SMAPI does not execute when you're attempting to launch the game through Vortex, then the fault lies with SMAPI, not Vortex, and you should report this to the SMAPI developer directly on his mod page https://www.nexusmods.com/stardewvalley/mods/2400?tab=description

This can be a mods related issue - try disabling your mods 1 by 1 (starting with the more recently installed mods) and see if that makes a difference.

In the future please always include a Vortex log file with your report.

Answered Apr 01 '21 at 06:30
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