che Release Che 7.27.1 - TypeScript

List of pending issues / PRs

PRs related to DevWorkspace Integration - STEP1 Milestone: * [x] [Include che.devworkspaces.enabled property by xbaran4]( * [x] [Add in CRUD actions for the devworkspace in dashboard]( * [x] [Che operator should be able to install DevWorkspace operator]( * [x] [Che Operator should be able to install the Devworkspace che operator]( * [x] [Make routing attributes allign with devfile attributes]( * [x] Increase resource limits for controller to avoid OOMKilled * [x] Dashboard is not handling anymore 'restart-workspace' event

PRs related to release process improvements: * [x] generate changelog as part of che GH release * [x] followup fix in * [x] (should be changed to call the action in eclipse/che repo, as it doesn't work in che-release repo) * [x] DevWorkspace Che Operator release workflow * [x] Mattermost notifications (8 artifacts to release):

Release status

In series, the following will be released via che-release:

  • che-theia, che-machine-exec, che-devfile registry,
  • che-plugin-registry (once che-theia and machine-exec are done)
  • che-parent, che-dashboard, che-workspace-loader, and che (server assembly)
  • che-operator

Then, these steps will be done, which still require some manual intervention (PR verification is not yet automated):

  • generation of OperatorHub PRs
  • chectl

  • [x] che-theia, che-machine-exec, che-devfile-registry, che-plugin-registry

  • [x] che-parent, che-dashboard, che-workspace-loader, che
  • [x] che-operator (depends on all of the above)
  • [x] chectl (depends on che-operator)
  • [x] [Che community operator PRs]( (depends on che-operator)
  • [ ] [che-docs PR]( (depends on che-operator)

If this is a .0 release:

  • [ ] [send reminder to TLs to triage unresolved issues](
  • [ ] complete current milestone
    • [ ] move incomplete deferred issues to backlog
    • [ ] move incomplete WIP issues to next milestone
    • [ ] close completed issues
    • [ ] close milestone
Process [1] Script Action Container(s) + Artifact(s)
che-release Action n/a
che-theia Action eclipse/che-theia
che-machine-exec Action eclipse/che-machine-exec
che-devfile-registry Action eclipse/che-devfile-registry
che-plugin-registry Action eclipse/che-plugin-registry
che-parent Action che-server [2]
che-dashboard Action che-dashboard
che-workspace-loader Action che-workspace-loader
che Action che.core [2],
che-operator Action eclipse/che-operator
chectl Action chectl releases

[1] Overall process owner: @mkuznyetsov

[2] Note that release of artifacts to Maven Central is deprecated and will be removed in the future.

Asked Oct 20 '21 18:10
avatar nickboldt

4 Answer:

Had various issues related to plugin registries build and DWO release processes, which took until friday to be resolved

Now, che operator has been released and merged, altough just noticed that this file wasn't updated, so investigating the reason why this happened: after this, the release of chectl, che-docs and community operator PRs will follow

Answered Mar 15 '21 at 10:07
avatar  of mkuznyetsov

@l0rd It would seem that will be ready by 7.28.0

Answered Mar 10 '21 at 09:04
avatar  of mkuznyetsov

@l0rd It would seem that will be ready by 7.28.0

@mkuznyetsov it should be part of 7.27.1. @metlos should confirm (or not).

Answered Mar 10 '21 at 10:19
avatar  of l0rd

upd. release is done on our side, waiting for community-operator/docs PR to be merged

Answered Mar 15 '21 at 12:37
avatar  of mkuznyetsov