Crash when combined with react-native-picker/picker and problems in navigation in 3.0.0 and 3.0.1 - react-native-tab-view

Crash when combined with react-native-picker/picker and problems in navigation.

Current behaviour

Hey Satyajit, thank for your amazing work in react-native-tab-view. I hope you keep up the amazing work. I noticed a strange issues in the latest update from 2.16.0 to 3.0.0 after you started using react-native-pager-viewer. We use react-native 0.64 on android. When we use react-native-tab-view 3.0.0 with react-native-picker/picker we noticed the picker crashed. And then when we downgrade back to 2.16.0 it was stable again. Also we noticed in react-native-tab-view 3.0.0 had problem navigating to a particular tab index from another page, it kept resetting back to the first index 0 which is the first tab when the page loads. We again resolved it by switching back to 2.16.0. Am just writing this to let you know because we are not sure if it is from your migration to react-native-pager-view causing this problems or a bug.

Your Environment

software version
ios or android android
react-native 0.64
react-native-tab-view 3.0.0
react-native-pager-view 5.1.2
npm or yarn npm
Asked Oct 03 '21 06:10
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4 Answer:

Couldn't find version numbers for the following packages in the issue: - react-native

Can you update the issue to include version numbers for those packages? The version numbers must match the format 1.2.3.

The versions mentioned in the issue for the following packages differ from the latest versions on npm: - react-native-tab-view (found: 3.0.0, latest: 3.0.1) - react-native-pager-view (found: 5.1.2, latest: 5.1.3)

Can you verify that the issue still exists after upgrading to the latest versions of these packages?

Answered Apr 17 '21 at 03:15
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I'm experiencing the same issue. Downgrading to 2.16.0 resolved it for me too.

Answered May 17 '21 at 19:46
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Hey! Thanks for opening the issue. Can you provide a minimal repro which demonstrates the issue? Posting a snippet of your code in the issue is useful, but it's not usually straightforward to run. A repro will help us debug the issue faster. Please try to keep the repro as small as possible and make sure that we can run it without additional setup.

The easiest way to provide a repro is on If it's not possible to repro it on, then please provide the repro in a GitHub repository.

Answered Jul 29 '21 at 13:49
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Hello 👋, this issue has been open for more than a month without a repro or any activity. If the issue is still present in the latest version, please provide a repro or leave a comment within 7 days to keep it open, otherwise it will be closed automatically. If you found a solution or workaround for the issue, please comment here for others to find. If this issue is critical for you, please consider sending a pull request to fix it.

Answered Aug 29 '21 at 01:45
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