File/folder permissions per user - filegator

Hello, is there any way to setup file/folder permissions per user? I wish I could make visible file1.txt for user X and not visible for user Y.

Thank for Your response.

Asked Sep 25 '21 14:09
avatar LippiLpn

2 Answer:

Not in the same folder. You can only have two different folders for two users.

Answered Sep 13 '21 at 07:00
avatar  of alcalbg


  • log in as admin and create two folders, folder1 and folder2, you can also put some files in both folders
  • then, create your first user user1 and set his home folder to folder1
  • create your second user and set his home folder to folder2
  • logout admin and try with users
Answered Sep 13 '21 at 07:14
avatar  of alcalbg