forem Replace PodcastEpisodes's social preview with HtmlCssToImage Ruby

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe. This area of the code base, podcast_episodes/_meta.html.erb, is still using Cloudinary instead of HCTI to render the social preview images.

Describe the solution you'd like

Replace it with HCTI using our SocialImageHelper

Describe alternatives you've considered nope

Additional context n/a

Asked Oct 07 '21 02:10
avatar maestromac

3 Answer:

Thanks for the issue! We'll take your request into consideration and follow up if we decide to tackle this issue.

To our amazing contributors: issues labeled type: bug are always up for grabs, but for feature requests, please wait until we add a ready for dev before starting to work on it.

To claim an issue to work on, please leave a comment. If you've claimed the issue and need help, please ping @forem/oss and we will follow up within 3 business days.

For full info on how to contribute, please check out our contributors guide.

Answered Nov 18 '20 at 16:32
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@maestromac is this still something you are looking in to? Should we label this as a potential RFC?

Answered Feb 24 '21 at 20:17
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Thanks for the ping @cmgorton . Apparently, this was already resolved by !! :confetti_ball:

Answered Feb 26 '21 at 19:30
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