gonum ci: make cache works by removing comments

The path is a multiline string, which includes comments in its value. This means that the caching was not working at all, because it would include the comment in the path. Here I'm moving the comments, which fixes the caching so it works.

Asked Jan 11 '22 09:01
avatar ylz-at

2 Answer:

Thank you. Would you please also send another PR adding yourself to AUTHORS and CONTRIBUTORS with the commit message "A+C: add Jinesi Yelizati".

Answered Sep 26 '21 at 03:25
avatar  of kortschak

Hi, I updated actions/cache to v2 as v1 doesn't work with multiline string. And I moved Checkout code before Cache-Go as Cache-Go depends on go.sum.

Have tested on my own repo, Cache-Go can work this time. image

A+C PR https://github.com/issues/gonum/gonum/1724

Answered Sep 26 '21 at 13:46
avatar  of ylz-at