google-api-php-client support for BusinessMessage API and BusinessInformation


I wanted to know if you plan to add support for BusinessMessage API (, and My Business Business Information API (

Thanks a lot

Asked May 30 '22 07:05
avatar mtx-z

4 Answer:

Yeah this is a bit of a blocker as we need to upgrade the GMB Account API calls by end of Sept.

Looks like MyBusinessBusinessInformation.php was added to the services repo a week ago in v0.210.0 but current version of this repo has ~0.200.0 so composer doesn't allow upgrade yet.

I think this recent update may be unintentionally blocking this?

In general, any reason this repo can't just require the latest version of the services repo? Or are those sometimes not in sync?

Answered Sep 01 '21 at 20:55
avatar  of jqr108

Run composer update google/apiclient-services, there's no reason for it to not update to 0.210, ~0.200 requirement should allow it. It's equivalent to >=0.200 <1.0.0.

Answered Sep 09 '21 at 14:46
avatar  of ThibaultVlacich

🤦‍♂️ had v2.10.0 in my composer.json instead of 2.10.1. thanks @ThibaultVlacich !

@mtx-z you might check this also, might solve your issue as well!

Answered Sep 09 '21 at 23:52
avatar  of jqr108

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Answered May 30 '22 at 07:05
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Parker Anderson