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I have a custom script that I want to run in a precommit hook using husky. The issue is if it fails, I don't want husky to fail, but I still want it to print a warning. I have the script, when ran outside husky, exiting 0 and printing to the console. When it runs in husky it prints nothing. And just succeeds, because of the 0 exit code of course.

If I exit 1, it prints fine, but then the commit fails, which is not what I want. Any thoughts?

Asked Oct 15 '21 00:10
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I just ran into this as well. I am using husky to lint git commits to an Angular project. Not all of our rules are currently deserving of an "error" severity (we are trying to introduce linters to a team that has gone without), but it still is worth raising any warnings to developers' consoles so they can get used to seeing things. Is there a way to configure husky to be vocal, even if tasks pass?

Answered May 04 '20 at 18:57
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