nuclei [feature] Workflow to support tags based execution - Go

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I think it would make workflows more powerful if it was possible to trigger subtemplates based on tags.

Describe the solution you'd like

Something like this to follow the way it's done in regular templates:


  - template: technologies/tech-detect.yaml
      - name: wordpress
          - template: vulnerabilities/wordpress/
          - tags: wordpress,wp-plugin,php

This would make it easier to maintain workflows since you would not have to edit workflows everytime you add a new template related to wordpress in this case (assuming it is added to the right folder and correctly tagged).

Asked Oct 24 '21 07:10
avatar Techbrunch

1 Answer:

@Techbrunch workflows already support directory, tag is something that would be interesting to add here.

Example workflow using directory - gitlab-workflow

Answered May 17 '21 at 22:40
avatar  of ehsandeep