openui5 Ugly escape slashes on showing JSON content in ` sap.m.MessageBox` - JavaScript

OpenUI5 version: 1.93

In Message Box Details sample there is a possibility to display a JSON content out-of-box. Everything is OK besides one thing — there are ugly escape slashes:


It would be great if UI5 could get rid of these unwanted escape splashes by default to keep the data presentation clean & clear.

The relevant code spample:

Asked Oct 17 '21 09:10
avatar pubmikeb

2 Answer:

Hello @pubmikeb Thank you for sharing this finding. I've created an internal incident 2180281894. The status of the issue will be updated here. Regards,

Answered Jul 12 '21 at 15:45
avatar  of gmkv

Hi @pubmikeb

The fix for this has been implemented and will be available with OpenUI5 v1.94.

Thank you for reporting it!

Regards, Georgi

Answered Aug 12 '21 at 13:45
avatar  of gmkv