optimizer Image got larger than original - image-optimizer


original 112k optimizer 190k !!

Asked Jul 20 '22 09:07
avatar odaiderawi

3 Answer:

Probably this is caused by something in your environment. Please provide a test for us to fix.

Answered Dec 23 '19 at 22:06
avatar  of freekmurze

I find Image Compressor gives best results for manual optimization. And if the image is already optimized with this (or some other) tool, then new Image('image.min.png')->quality(75)->save(); (Forgive me to go out of scope with a wrapping package) will AFAIK always result in a byte-wise bigger picture.

Different algorithms by the looks of it.

Despite this, I know of no better tool than spatie/image-optimizer (spatie/image, spatie/browsershot), to optimize images uploaded by users who take pictures with their phones/cameras and don't know how to resize and optimize them.

Answered Mar 24 '21 at 13:25
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Make sure your page load times are optimized. Try this image compressor where you can pick from a wide selection of image formats, crop more efficiently and decrease file size

Answered Jul 20 '22 at 09:07
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sneha rani