Quality metrics do not get updated in the public supermarket - Ruby supermarket

Describe the problem

After uploading a new cookbook to the Chef Supermarket on November 28th, the quality metric section is still empty as of today:


I believe that the expected behavior should be for the quality metrics to be populated at some point.

Software Version

  • OS: Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS
  • ChefDK version: 4.12.0
    • Chef Infra Client version: 15.14.0
    • Chef InSpec version: 4.23.11
    • Test Kitchen version: 2.7.2
    • Foodcritic version: 16.3.0
    • Cookstyle version: 5.23.0

Replication Case

I uploaded the cookbook with the knife supermarket share utlity, and no output error was shown, even with the verbose options activated.



Possible Solution

I've already asked in the #supermarket channel of Chef's Slack community, and @tas50 suggested that this could be a bug.

Asked Oct 05 '21 04:10
avatar axl89

5 Answer:

I need output for this query for the live application - select * from quality_metrics where admin_only = false; . if a quality metric is marked as admin_only its not displayed in UI by default. Or If we can be given full access to the system .. that will make the work smooth and fast

Answered May 17 '21 at 17:00
avatar  of msys-sgarg

Hi, please provide me an access so that I can move forward on this issue. Thanks

Answered May 21 '21 at 13:09
avatar  of msys-sgarg

@msys-sgarg That's data from a database in the production deployment, so I asked @bikashATprogress from the Platform Ops team to help, the reference number from him was OPS-1825 (From our internal JIRA). Please touch base with him in a few days on slack if you don't hear from him.

Answered Jun 02 '21 at 14:38
avatar  of btm

https://chefio.slack.com/archives/C07JNP49J/p1624890994139500 -

As per comment here in discussion, the issue was with nginx settings .. which was stopping sidekiq queue to get processed and jobs to update metrics were not running. Its fixed both in production and staging. This issue can be closed

Answered Jun 28 '21 at 14:41
avatar  of msys-sgarg

This was resolved with a config change in production. Everything should be reporting again.

Answered Jul 05 '21 at 21:01
avatar  of tas50