Ryujinx crash on Linux trying to play any game C#

Bug Report

What's the issue you encountered?

After try to play any game on Linux an error is thrown and the application crash. The below error is for Dragon Ball FighterZ, but can apply for any other. (Was playable, with red screen issues but playable, before the 3 last updates).

How can the issue be reproduced?

Select a game in Linux (Ubuntu 20.04) and try to play.

Log file

00:00:01.861 |I| Loader LoadNca: Application Loaded: DRAGON BALL FighterZ v01.27 [0100a250097f0000] [64-bit] 00:00:01.867 |I| GUI.WindowThread Hid Configure: Configured Controller ProController to Player1 XError: 0 result is 2 XError: 0 result is 2 00:00:01.946 |E| Application : Unhandled exception caught: SPB.Graphics.Exceptions.ContextException: CreateContext() failed. at SPB.Platform.GLX.GLXOpenGLContext.Initialize(NativeWindowBase window) at Ryujinx.Ui.GlRenderer.IntializeOpenGL() in C:\projects\ryujinx\Ryujinx\Ui\GLRenderer.cs:line 63 at Ryujinx.Ui.GlRenderer.OnDrawn(Context cr) in C:\projects\ryujinx\Ryujinx\Ui\GLRenderer.cs:line 50 at Gtk.Widget.Drawncb(IntPtr inst, IntPtr cr) AL lib: (EE) alccleanup: 1 device not closed


  • Ryujinx version: 1.0.6906
  • Game version: 1.27
  • System Specs:
    • OS: Linux (Ubuntu 20.04)
    • CPU: Ryzen 5 3600
    • GPU: NVIDIA GTX 670
    • RAM: 16 GB
  • Applied Mods : No

Additional context?

Additional info about your environment:
Was updated to the latest version.

Asked Jan 25 '23 12:01
avatar codbugpatrol

3 Answer:

Come at the discord #linux-master-race channel so we can help you

Answered Jun 03 '21 at 13:25
avatar  of edisionnano

thanks @edisionnano will join I've tried other distros and is working fine. Maybe something got corrupted.

Answered Jun 03 '21 at 13:41
avatar  of codbugpatrol

Thanks, my code s also working fine now. I have tried for my client's website pelle pelle store. his website is now running well without causing any issues. Thanks once again

Answered Jan 25 '23 at 12:01
avatar  of John Gram
John Gram