stimulus-use stimulus 3

mostly replace stimulus imports by @hotwired/stimulus

this version can be tested by installing v0.50.0-0 beta version

yarn add stimulus-use@beta
Asked Jan 09 '22 22:01
avatar adrienpoly

2 Answer:

Hey @adrienpoly!

Were you planning to make a release using this sometime soon? We're (on Symfony UX) sort of waiting for the ecosystem to start supporting v3 before we jump to it. That's already happening (e.g. stimulus-autocomplete just released v3 support), so things are in a weird "in between" spot now. If you released v3 support, I would push to get our support released - but I may push for it anyways soon either way.


Answered Oct 21 '21 at 14:21
avatar  of weaverryan

Hello @adrienpoly. Thanks for the awesome library!

As others have commented, I am too waiting on the new release to be able to upgrade to Stimulus 3.0. I understand that it's on you own time and you might be busy. But if you could just give us a bit of an expectation on when are you planning on releasing this update, it would help to make a decision on what to do with regards to this library.


Answered Dec 17 '21 at 04:16
avatar  of fedegl