sverchok Update system requirements Python

I'm going to create list of desirable features which new update system should include. What can be included in this list is not obvious and can be discussed.

  • Performance issue.:

    • Don't recalculate what already was calculated:
    • Nodes should keep results of their calculations.
    • All changes (in parameters, inputs, data from Blender scene ...) should be tracked.
    • Manually prohibition of recalculation (freezing mode)

    • Don't calculate if result is need for nobody:

    • Create output nodes which cause work of other nodes (viewers).
    • Mode for output nodes switch on/off of showing of calculation results
  • User should understand what's going on:

    • Use annotations for showing error and other messages.
    • Color system for showing error nodes and different modes or whatever.
    • Showing performance information.
  • Performance of workflow:

    • supporting of node subtrees
    • pass data without changes throu node (bypass mode. It is not possible for all nodes)

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Asked Oct 07 '21 17:10
avatar Durman

6 Answer:

Really nice! No sure the recalculations number is that useful, I guess after 3 minutes tweaking the node-tree it must be a very high number...

Answered May 05 '20 at 19:32
avatar  of vicdoval

I have found that Viewer Draw nodes effect on each other performance. For example first node update time is 1s. Then another node will update faster if the first node will be disabled. I think there should be possibilities for performance improving.

BmeshViewer has similar performance but they does not effect on each other. In this way they are faster.

Answered May 06 '20 at 04:31
avatar  of Durman

If only we can ESC when Blender or SV is frozen calculating ....

Answered May 06 '20 at 09:08
avatar  of enzyme69

I'm thinking about workflow where error nodes returns their previous result so the rest of a tree still could do something. ignore error

Answered May 07 '20 at 08:37
avatar  of Durman

Tool which can help to find nodes with slow performance. All nodes with update time more than given value will be dyed into a color. slow nodes

Also it has mode of coloring last updated nodes. Probably more for debugging purposes. updated nodes

Answered May 07 '20 at 11:37
avatar  of Durman

It seemed to me there already was such coloring... "heat map" or smth like that.

Answered May 07 '20 at 12:35
avatar  of portnov