templating How does --target-framework-override work? The templates suggest it should be --TargetFrameworkOverride - Csharp

I can't understand why --target-framework-override is the acceptable parameter with dotnet new console. According to the template:

  "symbols": {
    "TargetFrameworkOverride": {
      "type": "parameter",
      "description": "Overrides the target framework",
      "replaces": "TargetFrameworkOverride",
      "datatype": "string",
      "defaultValue": "",
      "displayName": "Target framework override"

The parameter should be --targetframeworkoverride, yet when you try that, it gives an error stating the parameter doesn't exist. Can someone explain this?

Asked Oct 14 '21 08:10
avatar Thraka

1 Answer:


It is possible to define short (with -) and long (with --) option override in dotnetcli.host.json file located along with template.json

  "$schema": "http://json.schemastore.org/dotnetcli.host",
  "symbolInfo": {
    "TargetFrameworkOverride": {
      "isHidden": "true",
      "longName": "target-framework-override",
      "shortName": ""

For most of .NET templates, the host file is defining the long name override for TargetFrameworkOverride as target-framework-override. Also it hides it from help output. We also have an issue to discuss usage of this parameter in next releases, please note that it might be removed.

Answered Oct 04 '21 at 11:18
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