tensorflow custom implementation request: SparseReorder, SparseTensorDenseMatMul - Cplusplus

System information - OS Platform and Distribution (e.g., Linux Ubuntu 16.04): windows10, x86-64 - TensorFlow installed from (source or binary): source - TensorFlow version (or github SHA if from source): 2.7.0-dev20210702

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2021-07-02 16:52:27.481365: W tensorflow/compiler/mlir/lite/flatbuffer_export.cc:1851] The following operation(s) need TFLite custom op implementation(s):
Custom ops: SparseReorder, SparseTensorDenseMatMul

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Details: tf.SparseReorder(tensor, tensor, tensor<3xi64>) -> (tensor, tensor) : {T = f32, device = ""} tf.SparseTensorDenseMatMul(tensor, tensor, tensor<2xi64>, tensor<6400x256xf32>) -> (tensor) : {T = f32, Tindices = i64, adjointa = false, adjointb = false, device = ""}

Asked Oct 15 '21 09:10
avatar RedJyve

2 Answer:

I adding them as Select TF Ops. Please wait a bit before it get merged.

Answered Jul 05 '21 at 03:20
avatar  of thaink

the fixed is merged to master branch. You can try it in tomorrow nightly. However, you will need to treat them as Select TF Ops. Please follow https://www.tensorflow.org/lite/guide/ops_select

Answered Jul 05 '21 at 04:53
avatar  of thaink