UPS Shipping Tracking Popup displaying wrong date and time - PHP magento2

Summary of the issue :

We are facing an issue in UPS Shipping Tracking popup window from admin side. It's displaying wrong date and time as compare to UPS delivery information and progress data.

Preconditions :

  1. Magento 2.3.3 EE
  2. UPS live tracking number
  3. UPS account credentials.

Steps to reproduce :

  1. Place an order and fulfill the order with a valid tracking number with tracking information (we used UPS)
  2. Generate shipment of order with valid tracking number.
  3. Go to Sales => Shipment and open generated shipment.
  4. Click on tracking number to view delivery and progress details.

Expected result :

Shipment tracking popup should display valid delivery and progress date time information.

  1. UPS Tracking : image

  2. Magento Backend Tracking Information : image

Actual result :

We can see that date and time is not matching in actual result below.

  1. UPS Tracking information : image

  2. Magento Tracking information : image

Asked Oct 13 '21 12:10
avatar prasannaborngroup

2 Answer:

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Answered Oct 09 '20 at 13:17
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