What does this mean? - spleeter

I'm not a programmer or anything so this will probably come across as an obvious question.

I have gotten everything installed and I'm a femtometer away from getting spleeter to work.

But what does this mean??

FILES... List of input audio file path [required]

I seem to be using the other commands properly I just have no idea what to type in for that. every time I try anything it says:

Error: Invalid value for 'FILES...': File 'audioexample.mp3' does not exist._

Anything helps I'm so close to getting this I think It hurts

Asked Sep 30 '21 09:09
avatar Laikanoosh

1 Answer:

I'm assuming you're looking to separate audioexample into stems. Let's say that audioexample.mp3 is present in C:\test directory. Then, in cmd navigate to C:\test

c:>cd c:\test

and then call spleeter separate

c:\test>spleeter separate audio_example.mp3 -o stems

If everything goes OK, you should now see the stems in the C:\test\stems\audio_example folder.

Answered Jan 15 '21 at 07:53
avatar  of IvanGH2